Getting Started


Learn More About the Medical Assisting Program by clicking this link


There is no application for the medical assisting (MA) program.

PLEASE NOTE: Our clinical sites require a completely clean drug screen*, and this includes medical/prescription and/or recreational marijuana. Students who test positive for marijuana, even if they hold a medical marijuana card/prescription, will not be accepted to the program. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our clinical sites require a completely clean background*. If the student has any items that show up on their background check, the student will not be allowed to attend the clinical and/or administrative internships and/or externships. Misdemeanors may, or may not, show up on a background check. If nothing shows up on the background check, then the student is considered clear, and can be admitted (as long as all other requirements are met, and there is space in the program at the time). Click here for the CastleBranch Criminal Record Info Sheet which provides detail as to the types of city, county, state, and federal criminal/background searches that are performed.

*If you have further questions or concerns about the background check and/or drug screen, please email Katherine Slusser at for a confidential inquiry. A confidential phone call can also be arranged. 


After you have determined that you would like to enroll in the MA program, and are confident you can pass a background check and drug screen, please go through the following steps:


A. If you have never been a student at SRJC before, then you will need to apply to SRJC as a new student by going to the Steps For New Students link and going through the required steps:

If you are a current or returning SRJC student, go to step B.

B. Go through your assessment testing:

  1. For the MA program, English placement test result of eligibility for English 1A or higher is highly recommended (See Placement Test pages at
  2. For the MA program, CSKLS 371 General Arithmetic, is highly recommended for students who score below 24 on the Math Compass Placement Test Computational Math Skills Exam (See Placement Test pages at

C. Enroll in other supportive courses to assist you in note taking, study skills, and test-taking skills prior to entry into the MA programs. To do this, please go to the following link: Type in CSKLS in the 'course prefix/number' box,' and in the 'outline as of' box, choose the current or most recent semester. This list will show all the college skills courses that are available.

D. Go through the college orientation

E. See a counselor to develop an educational plan.

F. Enroll in the classes you and your counselor decided on.

G. Be sure you are at least 18 years of age by the beginning of your first MA class.

H. Completion of a high school level of education with a high school diploma, GED/Equivalency, or HiSET is highly recommended, but not required.

I. Be sure you are free from the effects of alcohol and drugs while in class, the clinical area, and intern/externships. This will be verified by a drug screen.

J. Be sure you have the physical, emotional, and mental ability to participate effectively in coursework and to work with and care for patients in medical assisting settings.

K. Complete the following prerequisites for all 6 MA tracks before you start taking the core MA classes: 

  1. CS 60.11A Microsoft Word Part 1
  2. HLC 160 Medical Terminology
  3. PSYCH 1A General Psychology
  4. ANAT 58 Intro to Human Anatomy OR
  5. ANAT 140 Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology AND HLC 140 Health Care Implications of Anatomy and Physiology

L. Once the above prerequisites are complete, the core MA courses must be taken together (co-requisites) and in sequence. See this page for the course sequences:

M. Entry into the onsite clinical and/or administrative internships/externships:

  • Once all of the health requirements are complete, the student will be given an add code for the clinical and/or administrative internships and externships either during, or after, the students Priority Registration (or open registration) period. See this link for details The clinical and administrative internships and externships can only take a maximum of 30 students. After this limit has been reached, a wait list will be started on a first-come-first-served basis.