Skills Lab

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Prior to starting the core MA classes in the Fall, students will need to prepare during the summer for the skills lab portion of MA 163. 

After all students are registered for MA 163, the MA Coordinator will provide all students with the Coursey Enterprises skill pack order form.

Purchase your skills pack from Coursey Enterprises by the deadline date shown on the order form. 

The skill pack cost varies each year, but ranges from about $400 to $500, and is paid only once, and is used for both fall and spring skills lab classes (MA 163 & MA 165 & MA 174). 

Once you have purchased your skills pack, please bring your payment receipt from Coursey Enterprises to the Skill Pack Pick Up & Orientation. Without this payment receipt, your skill pack will not be released to you.

Plan to get your badge photo taken during the summer, see the Uniform/Dress Code section for more details. 

Please plan to attend the Skill Pack Pick Up & Orientation for MA 163, which is usually scheduled the week before classes start in the Fall semester. See the SRJC online schedule for exact date and time. 

  • Before the Orientation, please buy 1 order of these small stackable totes (1 order comes with 3 totes and a lid), and can be bought at various retailers, or online. Either the blue/teal color, or the light green color is acceptable.
  • Label each tote, and the lid, with the following: “First and Last Name, SRJC MA Student”, and bring them to Orientation.
  • Buying 1 set of 3 totes will be good for use in both the fall and spring clinical classes.
  • Please wear the entire uniform to the Orientation as described here: Uniform/Dress Code.
  • You will be given your ID badges at the Orientation.
  • Bring something to take notes with - either paper and pen, or an electronic device.


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