Welcome to Medical Assisting



SRJC offers 3 different Medical Assisting (MA) Programs:


Administrative Medical Assisting

Clinical Medical Assisting

Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting


All of the programs offer comprehensive, hands-on training in SRJC's William B. Race Building as well as clinical and administrative internships and externships. The programs provide high-quality education and experience to prepare students to sit for the CCBMA exam (www.CCBMA.org). 

Depending on which program you choose, your experience will vary in length and instructional focus. Click on "MA Programs of Study" to view specific programs and length.

Credits earned in obtaining a career certificate in MA can also be applied toward associate degree graduation requirements.

Students completing an MA program do not require licensing and can work in any state.

MA Program Mission

The mission of the MA Program is to provide education to prepare entry-level Administrative and Clinical medical assistants with the techniques, strategies, and knowledge to work in medical offices, hospital outpatient clinics, and health centers. This is a growing field with tremendous job opportunities available in the community. We are constantly working to improve the program and change it according the needs of the community.


Our program is committed to:


Helping students succeed in meeting their educational goals and eliminating barriers to college education by providing guidance and support services through academic advising and referral to SRJC support services, including library, scholarship, financial aid, workforce development, etc.

Challenging students to be responsible for their academic success and development as efficient, knowledgeable, ethical MAs.

Promoting cultural awareness, sensitivity, and respect that are integral to success in working with the diverse populations in our county.

Securing faculty who are knowledgeable, have current experience in their particular area of medical assisting, demonstrate strong teaching skills, and who are committed to student success.

Working closely with community experts in developing curriculum that meets both professional and student needs.

Promoting active participation in class, clinical and/or computer labs, and an externship practical experience in a medical office and outpatient clinic.


Terminal Objectives for the MA Program


Upon successful completion of the SRJC MA Program, the student will demonstrate the knowledge, skill and ability to:

1. Be prepared to take and pass the medical assistant certification exam after graduation

2. Apply knowledge and clinical and/or administrative skills to duties expected in a medical office or business office.

3. Demonstrate clear understanding of administrative and clinical office duties and deadlines.

4. Adhere to the scope of practice that is defined by the Medical Board of California, medical office, and the provider for which the MA works. 

5. Demonstrate safe, competent, ethical and professional behaviors as an entry level MA.