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Please keep in mind that SRJC has financial aid and scholarships available here: SRJC Financial Aid

SRJC also has low-income, disabled, and first-generation assistance here: https://hope.santarosa.edu/program-eligibility

Please reach out to those departments to get assistance with paying for your MA education. 

Here is a list of fees/costs (may not be exhaustive): 

  • The fee for the SRJC registration units.
    • SRJC For Free - See if you qualify here: https://srjcforfree.santarosa.edu/
    • If you do not qualify for free tuition, see this link for the exact total cost for the units, as unit fees vary by semester: SRJC Tuition & Fees 
    • Effective Fall 2022, the MA certificate program is 40 units total. This includes the pre-requisite classes. This does NOT include the cost of General Education classes taken towards earning a degree/major.
  • The SRJC skills lab supplies fee. This fee varies every year based on supplier cost fluctuations, but is usually anywhere from $400 to $500 (paid only once).
  • The CastleBranch fee for the background check, drug screen and immunization tracking ranges from $110 to $120 (paid only once). 
  • The SRJC parking fee is $60/semester.
  • The cost of purchasing uniforms, shoes, watch, etc can vary depending on styles, and the sizes. The total cost for 2 complete sets of scrubs only (not including scrub jackets or shoes) ranges from $115 to $300. 
  • The ID badge fee is $4 each - total of $8 (paid only once). 
  • The cost of books varies each year by the publishers, but can range from $1200 - $1400 total for the entire program. (Used/rented books may sometimes be used, which would reduce this cost.) 
  • The cost of getting all the health requirements done (BLS/CPR, titers, vaccines, health exam, etc) prior to entry to the externship, varies greatly from provider to provider and cannot be listed here. Please see the Health Requirements section of this webpage, and the MA Student Handbook for low-cost resources. 
  • The cost of studying for, and taking, the highly recommended CCBMA state certification exam is not included here. Please go here for more information: CCBMA


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