Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Do I need an application for the MA program?

            Not at this time. There are pre-requisite classes that must be taken before enrolling and then co-requisite classes that must be taken together, and in sequence.


2) What programs do you have for medical assisting? 

            See this link for the Programs of Study and the recommended Course Sequences:



3) What is the cost of the program?

            See this link 


4) Who should I contact to meet and discuss my interest in the MA program?

The Health Sciences department highly recommends that you first start with a Health Sciences Counseling appointment. This appointment will help you figure out if becoming an MA is really in line with your overall career and educational goals, and it will also help you set up an educational plan for entry to the MA program. Please go to this link to set up your counseling appointment with a Health Sciences counselor:

After you see a health sciences counselor, you may contact the Health Sciences main office to speak to a student assistant about other general questions at (707) 527-4272.

You may also contact the Program Coordinator, Katherine Slusser at (707) 524-1720 or (email preferred). 


5) How long is the program?

It is either 4 or 5 semesters, depending on the track you take. See FAQ # 2 above for specific lengths of the programs.


6) Do I need to have my high school diploma / GED to be enrolled in the program?

No, it is not a requirement to have your high school diploma / GED / Equivalency for entry to the program. However, it is highly recommended because the state certification process requires proof of a completed high school level of education.


7) The intern/externship requirements say that I must have clean record, does a misdemeanor make me ineligible for the program? 

This depends on whether or not it shows up on the background check. Some misdemeanors show up, others don't. If nothing shows up on the background check, the student is considered clear, and is admitted. 


8) What will I be learning in the MA program? What are the requirements for the clinical settings?

Please go to the following link to see the current MA Handbook:​


9) How do the internships/externships work?

Entry into both the clinical AND administrative internships and externships requires copies of immunization records, a BLS/CPR card, a completely clean background check, a completely clean drug screen, and completion of all applicable pre-requisites. Once these are completed, students will be given an add code, according to Priority Registration, to register for the classes. See this link for more information:


10) Do required courses need to be taken concurrently with other courses each semester? 

Yes, but you have to look at each track's course sequence individually to determine which courses have to be taken concurrently. This link has all 6 tracks course sequences and shows the "co-requisite" classes in the "Prerequisites/Advisories" column.